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what is e learning

We are living in a world of rapid progress and upgradation towards the road of time and human power consumption with the help of different technological up-gradation that are used to interact and distribute the knowledge among the others. In a normal class of any school or institution, the knowledge distributed is confined to a specific number of students with the maximum capacity of 70-100 students. But, after connecting with students through an online medium you can gather and transfer a whole different amount of knowledge in less time. 

E-learning is a basic term that can be used to understand a number of different ways that allow access to online learning and education. This generally includes virtual classrooms, computer-based learning, video classes, animation learning, audio recordings, web-based learning, and interactive TVs. Therefore e-learning is generally more accessible to learning methods and distance learning. 


Importance of E-Learning
Nowadays E-learning is the new trend and it aims at offering many benefits. Some of those are:

Global Reach
E-Learning can easily be set up online and anyone can join it all over the world. There is no requirement of any transportation expense or availability of every person at a particular time.


Consistent Quality 
When you are working on any type of e-learning course or material, you have the ability to deliver the same message to every message at the same time, without any error. Whereas in classes and seminars, the message or the apparatus can sometimes vary from session to session or from person to person which can lead to different outcomes in a single time.


Reasonable Costing
All the factors in online learning can lead to a subsequent amount of cost-saving for every business. It can also help them to change their older training methods with the new and more reliable ones which are available in the market.


With the help of e-learning technology, you have the ability to create a particular course which can be later transferred to every individual through different electronic methods instead of organizing separate sessions for a group of individuals and teaching them the same thing.

Time Efficient 
Working on any e-learning software is so easy and reliable that any individual can use them to publish, build, or share their teachings within a short interval of time. It helps your crowd to gather the maximum resources in the least possible time and use them whenever they want to.


Multiple Connectivity
Online courses or e-learning have the capability of working on multiple platforms at a single time such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This means that e-learning courses are always available for the students at the palm of their hands.


Can be simultaneous or non-simultaneous
Normally, e-learning is non-simultaneous which generally means that there is no fixed time assigned for the online learning to take place. It totally depends on person-to-person and their ability to learn and understand things from different online platforms. They can learn from different places anytime and anywhere they want to. But nowadays, simultaneous learning is now more preferred with the help of different options like web conferencing and chat options. One of the best things about e-learning is that it gives you the privilege to choose any of the two options.


Major elements of E-Learning
While creating any type of online course, there are a number of benchmarks that need to be attained. Setting a list benchmarks makes sure that students are able to gather as much information possible from the course they signed up for. Some basic elements of e-learning are:
The role of a teacher or professor is necessary. He needs to provide the students with certain feedback. He is also responsible to keep a track of the progress of his students.

A good setup Learning Management system is a must. It should be easily accessible and understandable by the students and their guardians.
The courses and material provided is the major element of any e-learning platform. Therefore the courses and the material needs to be created in such a format that it is easy to access and understandable.

Interacting with the students is the key aspect of any online learning. Therefore it is mandatory for the instructor or the professor to have regular interaction sessions with the students to clear their doubts and queries.


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